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Call to Action – Week of Action Against ISDS & Corporate Impunity (11-19 Oct 2019)

oktober 11 - oktober 19

SAVE THE DATE: One week to FLUSH away ISDS & corporate impunity 11-19 Oct 2019

It’s official. Our alliance of over 200 social movements, unions and civil society organisations will stage a series of actions across Europe in October to make our opposition to ISDS & corporate impunity crystal clear.

We are planning actions in towns and cities across the continent. But special mention goes to Geneva where delegates will be negotiating the UN Binding Treaty on transnational corporations and human rights. A process the EU is scandalously considering suspending its participation in. We will be there to let them know what we think of that!

There will also be actions in Vienna, where, that week, governments are negotiating the Multilateral Investment Court – a huge expansion to ISDS that will make this terrible system of corporate courts permanent.

So if you too are sick to the back teeth of multinational corporations getting away with everything (including murder) then make sure you save the date now and sign up to our newsletter to make sure you are the first to get the details when we have them.

And please forward the Call to Action below far and wide. We need as many people as possible to get on board.


oktober 11
oktober 19
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