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Action Day for Amazonia

2020.08.28 - 2020.08.30

28th of August we will be striking together for Amazonia!
We, Fridays For Future, are organizing corona-friendly actions with consideration of the local spread of covid-19; where physical actions are not safe, the actions will be digital.
*As there are many issues to cover, digital actions are also planned 29-30th August globally.
Did you know that the Amazon Rainforest is close to hitting a tipping point which will turn it into a savannah?
If 20-25% deforestation is exceeded, with the current pace of global warming, 50-60% of the rainforest will turn into a savannah.
Today, about 17% of Amazonia has already been deforested and we saw a 28% increase of fires this June, compared to June 2019.
FACT: The Amazon is an important carbon sink as it absorbs a quarter of the carbon taken up by all the forests in the world, annually.
However, as the Amazon is deforested the dead trees start releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere the rainforest instead becomes a source of CO2.
Scientists are warning about this tipping point when the forest starts to emit more CO2 than it absorbs.
The BBC reports that research suggests about 20% of the Amazon has already become a source of CO2.
If this happens, the regulation of the world’s oxygen and carbon cycles will be thrown off which will have immediate effects on: 1. The weather patterns we are familiar with; 2. The balance of oxygen and CO2, essentially making Earth’s atmosphere uninhabitable for the human species, as we know life today.
Fighting the climate crisis it is crucial to defend the defenders, do you know why?
Despite the indigenous making up only 5% of the human population, 80% of the world’s biodiversity is found on indigenous peoples’ land.
Last year 212 environmental defenders were murdered and now – during the covid pandemic – there are way over 1000 indigenous villages on alert.
Tribes are dying!
Covid infections are multiplying exponentially .
Do not forget the role Europe has in the destruction of the Amazon!
If the EU-Mercosur trade agreement would be ratified it would fuel the destruction of the Amazon.
It would be a victory for President Bolsonaro and a clear sign that the EU does not care about the rainforest.
If European leaders are serious about stopping Amazon deforestation, they must put the EU-Mercosur agreement on ice.
While animals suffer, indigenous communities lose their homes and loved ones, species of animals go extinct and we lose the Amazon’s rich biodiversity day after day. Despite this Bolsonaro wants to pass a law which allows deforestation on protected indigenous land and pristine areas.
Land protected by indigenous people has a higher biodiversity than other land in Amazonia. Protecting the Amazon it is crucial to defend the defenders!
Did you know that over 80% of the deforested land is used for animal agriculture which could easily be avoided through lifestyle changes
Brazil is one of the biggest exporters of meat to the European Union.
If the EU-Mercosur gets ratified, the Brazilian government and industries will be free of charges, which will make the European Union import more meat and this will lead to an increase of the production in Brazil – which leads to the need of more land to raise cattle and consequently an increase in deforestation rates
Therefore, we are inviting you to act with us while we still have a chance!
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